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Coming Spring 2024: NEW 3rd Edition

Art & Science of Foot Care: A Multidisciplinary Resource

With 250 coloured photos and medical illustrations, a new glossary and updated chapters, the new 3rd edition of this textbook will bring you ease in your foot care work, reference or study. The first choice of educators, colleges, universities, and government agencies across Canada...and now an international bestseller!
Art & Science of Foot Care Textbook

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Testimonials from our Students

So many happy students...we just HAD to share their feedback!

Very Informative Course!

Jenene White - Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

The online FCN theory course was such a great addition to my nursing skills. I am looking forward to using my new skills while continuing to learn about the vast medical niche known as Advanced Foot Care. Even though I finished the course I find myself constantly referring back to my textbook, previous slides and all the extra educational info that was given. I highly recommend this course and cannot wait to be able to help my community to minimize foot complications by providing competent foot care services .

New to Foot Care

Andrea Lockyer, RPN

"I am a new Foot Care Nurse and have just completed my online portion of the course. The textbook was very informative and worked well with the course outline and assignments. I have learned a lot and am excited to put my knowledge to work. I would recommend this course for anyone who is looking to advance and upgrade in their career."

Great Textbook

Tatiana Basmanova, RPN

"I've never taken courses online and it was hard to decide to take it. I can say it was a great experience and the right decision. Everything was clear and went smoothly. Questions that I had during the course were answered in a few hours. The textbook was very helpful, had good illustrations and a glossary I will use for a long time before I become familiar with all the terms."

Thorough Program!

Barbara Pound, RN

"I am enrolled in the Foot Canada Training - Theory program currently running. First, I must say that I am very impressed with the thoroughness of the program, it has far exceeded my expectations! This course has compelled me to examine areas of nursing that, admittedly I should have been more conscientious about, but was so caught up in the ‘clinicalness’ of, I did not devote the effort to areas like best practice, competencies, the business aspect of nursing and our relationship with FNIH....Thank you so much for your help."

Aligns with CAFCN Competencies

Teresa Roy, RN

"I just completed the Advanced Foot Care Nurse theory course and I am writing to share my experience with Foot Canada, which has been entirely positive. From initial contact and ongoing communication the staff were always courteous, professional and helpful. I especially appreciated the great support I received when I reached out for help.The Foot Care Nurse theory course is excellent as well! The curriculum is comprehensive, it aligns with and emphasizes evidence-based practice and includes ample resources aligned with current best practices to support further learning and development. The course also aligns content with CAFCN’s competencies. I find the competency-based approach has been really helpful to help me prepare for the upcoming clinical course. Overall, I found this course and the staff have really set me up for success to become a competent Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care Nurse. Thank you so much Foot Canada!!"

Helped me think' Outside the Box'

Stacie Currier, RN

"Excellent course. Well thought out where one has to also think “outside the box”, as to patient care, infection prevention and control and not just foot care. They are very passionate about foot care and patient well being."

Enjoyed every minute!

Marley McKay, RN - Miramichi NB

Thank you so much! I truly enjoyed every minute of the course.

Super Ongoing Student Support!

Anna Zakhartchenko, RPN

"Thank you so much Cindy. You are always there for your new grads, and I hope every one that is going or will be going through your program will love and respect you for your knowledge, support and take full opportunity of each email you send out - as I have since I have graduated your program. Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done and continue to do for all of us."

Hooray for standardization of education!

Donna Duffield, RN

There is such an incredible need for standardization of education for foot care providers!! I am astonished at the diversity of education and skill level of those currently providing foot care!! Thank you for providing these incredible courses...I will most definitely be advocating for the… Foot Care Nurse courses."


Janet L. Kuhnke, RN, BA, BScN, MS, NSWOC, Doctorate in Psychology

"I Love it. Great layout and super-organized."

Great course & awesome text book

Michael Ward - RN

I appreciate Cindy and Foot Canada and all the work that went into this program! I am recommending this course to my friends who are nurses.

Foot Canada Training

Foot Canada Training is a leader in nursing foot care education, supporting nationwide education opportunities by offering online Foot Care Nursing, Foot Health, and Educator training, and On-site Clinical Training programs. To promote a standardized Canadian curriculum, Foot Canada Training allows Foot Care Nurse Educators, health agencies and post-secondary institutions to purchase a license to teach FCT clinical courses and advanced skills workshops. The FCT Curriculum is peer-reviewed, current and meets the standards set by the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses' National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada.

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