Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to your Foot Care Terminology Boot Camp

    2. How to navigate through this course

    3. Terminology and Communication

    4. Before we begin...

    1. Careers

    2. Evidence Informed Practice

    3. Evidence Informed Practice: Practice Quiz

    4. Culturally Safe Care

    5. Foot Care in Practice

    1. Anatomy & Physiology

    2. Anatomy & Physiology: Practice Quiz

    1. Foot & Nail Conditions

    2. Foot & Nail Conditions (Continued)

    3. Foot & Nail Conditions: Practice Quiz

    1. IPAC

    2. IPAC: Practice Quiz

    1. The Multi-Disciplinary Foot Health Team

    2. The Multi-Disciplinary Foot Health Team: Practice Quiz

    3. The Foot Care Nurse as part of a Multi-Disciplinary Foot Health Team

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